Straight Frontals

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Straight Frontals

Our straight hair bundles are silky, smooth and rich in luster. this hair texture flatters any face type and can be worn short or long. our straight hair is perfect for any occasion. it looks good curled, wavy and straight. the possibilities with straight hair are endless. You can never go wrong with straight hair.

Types of frontals that are available:

Swiss Lace frontals are very durable, and because of this durability, you can easily achieve a natural look. The mesh lace ranges in colors medium brown to dark brown. Swiss lace us recommended from those of a brown or darker toned skin complexion.

HD Lace frontals are a type of transparent lave. It is less visible and is the thinnest lace amongst all lace types. HD lace blends into the skin more seamless which creates a less visual appearance.

With transparent lace the color of the lace is the only thing that differs between the "illusion" lace and Swiss lace. The transparent lace has a translucent, see-through lace that is recommended for fair skin tones. 

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